Tax Return Price Estimator

About the Tax Return Price Estimator

Most accountants hide their prices until you're already in the door, or worse, until they've already finished your tax return. They know you don't have time to find another accountant and count on you reluctantly paying their prices. That's not right. You should have an accurate estimate before you even arrive.

This price estimator fixes that problem. As you answer the questions, it will instantly calculate how much your tax return preparation will cost. The estimator includes the most common schedules, forms, and credits, as well as a few popular services. But, it doesn't include absolutely everything.

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Itemized Deductions

(Schedule A)

Do you own the house you live in, have a lot of medical or dental expenses, or have you lost property due to disaster or theft?

Interest and Dividends

(Schedule B)

Did you have over $1,500 of interest and dividends, have an original issue discount (OID), or exclude interest from certain non-taxable bonds?

Self-Employment Income

(Schedule C)

Did you own a business this last year? This may include freelancing income if you had related expenses.

Capital Gains or Losses

(Schedule D)

Did you have any capital gains or losses? You may have capital gains or losses when you sell an investment asset or real estate.

Rental Property

(Schedule E)

Did you own a rental property?

Income/Loss from Pass-through Entities

(Schedule E Page 2)

Did you receive income or losses from partnerships, S corps, estates or trusts?

Assorted Deductions and Credits

Education Expenses

Did you, your spouse, or a dependent have higher education costs?

Healthcare Exemption

Were you without health insurance at any point during the last year?

Dependent Care Expenses

Did you have dependent care expenses?

Supporting Information Return Entry

Form W-2s, 1099-Ms & 1099-Rs

Did you receive wage income, salary income, income from being a contractor, or retirement income?

Additional Services

Extension to File

An extension to file gives you extra time to prepare and file your tax return. But, it does not give you extra time to make a tax payment.

Same Day Service

With same day service, I will prepare and return your tax return to you for review within a day of receiving all your information.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney allows me to discuss your tax situation with the IRS on your behalf.

Tax Information Request

If you've lost them, previous year's tax information and returns can be requested from the IRS.


Cost: $215 - 215

Taxes are complex. Some of these questions had to be oversimplified and others had to be left out altogether. In most cases, the final price will fall in the estimated range, but in others, the final price may be slightly more expensive.

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National Society of Accountants survey

(Form 1040, state return, & Schedule A)
Middle Atlantic (NY, NJ, PA): $314
Eckstein Tax Services price: $240

(Schedule C)
National average: $218
Eckstein Tax Services price: $75-200

(Schedule D)
National average: $142
Eckstein Tax Services price: $25-45

(Schedule E)
National average: $165
Eckstein Tax Services price: $150

Drake Software survey

(Only Form 1040)
Middle Atlantic (NY, NJ) average: $131
Eckstein Tax Services price: $110

(Form 1040 & Schedule A)
Middle Atlantic (NY, NJ) average: $193
Eckstein Tax Services price: $155

(Form 1040 & Schedule C)
Middle Atlantic (NY, NJ) average: $283
Eckstein Tax Services price: $185-310