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Business Accounting & Tax Preparation

Accounting is an afterthought for many small businesses. Most of the time, it’s left until the last minute when someone scrambles to get it all done before the business tax return is due. But, that just leads to lousy accounting which is only doing you and your business a disservice.

Lousy accounting leads to:
→ missed transactions ←
→ lost deductions ←
→ larger tax bills ←
→ increased audit risks ←
→ cash flow issues ←
→ added stress ←

Outsourced accounting helps all these problems and frees up your time so you can be productive. Instead of wasting hours on your accounting, you can build your business

Every accounting package comes with:
• cutting edge cloud tech •
• peace of mind •
• no more bookkeeping headaches •
• 50% off business tax packages •

Don’t be another business owner with shoddy accounting and a shoddy business. You and your business are capable of more than that.

Accounting Packages

Bookkeeper –

• coding transactions
• reconciling accounts
• profit & loss reports

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Accountant –

• quarterly tax estimates
• sales tax
• payroll

starting at:


Controller –

• accounts receivable management
• accounts payable management

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All that said, maybe you’re comfortable with the risks of doing your own accounting and you’re just here to learn about business tax returns. That’s fine. I get it. 

Business Tax Return Packages

Micro –

Includes: Federal Tax Return, One State Tax Return, Electronic Filing, Tax Season Web Portal Access
For Businesses with under $250,000 of revenue

starting at:


Essential –

Includes: Basic Package Plus additional reporting required for businesses grossing over $250,000,  Limited Email Support

starting at:


Enhanced –

Includes: Essential Package Plus Accountable Plan (for deducting vehicle expenses), Reasonable Compensation study, Year-round Access to Web Portal, Unlimited Email Support

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