Fraudsters pray on people’s fear by impersonating the IRS and demanding money. In some cases, they use threats of audits or arrest. This past summer, there was a rash of fake phone calls on Long Island which has lead to an official Southold Police statement asking citizens to remain vigilant.

The scam tactics are always changing. Recently, the scammers have started mailing out realistic IRS notices. These fake notices demand immediate payment to a PO Box. While these PO Boxes are located in cities with IRS service centers, they are not IRS PO Boxes.

The first IRS notice you receive will always request more information. They will never demand immediate payment. Furthermore, the IRS will never request that you mail anything to a PO Box that isn’t theirs.

Be extremely cautious when receiving an IRS notice. If you have any questions about the validity of a notice or the best course of action, please give me a call.

Here is a sample fake IRS CP-2000 supplied by Iowa State University.

Fraudulent CP2000 Notice

Don’t be a victim, if you get a notice from the IRS, or any other tax authority, please reach out.

Phone: (631) 624-0515
Email: [email protected]